Keith Newton

Artisan Woodworker
Background & History

Keith was born in 1954 in Tulsa Oklahoma and is a true Native American of Cherokee Indian Ancestry. His parents came to Califorina the year President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and moved into an undeveloped housing subdivision. Captivated by the rabbits in his yard as a child, Keith followed them into the places where they lived in nature. Keith discovered a whole world there. After becoming a woodworker, he discovered the same thing happens whenever a piece of wood is opened. Inside every large tree is a new world to be revealed. Keith believes the history of America can be seen inside of a tree often with a whole junk yard appearing. After several generations of humans living around a tree, inevitably one can discover all kinds of chains, nails, bullets, knives, and various objects from American history buried inside a tree.

All Of The Wood Is Dried Outdoors

Keith is a true artisan with the ability to create all types of furniture art choosing only the most beautiful of hardwoods, Claro Walnut grown only in Washington, Oregon, and California in urban salvage. All of the woods are renewable resource with a new tree being planted every time one is taken down.

Inspiration and Invention

Keith has been woodworking from the time he took wood-shop in his teens. It has been one of the various hobbies in his life that has included gemstone faceting and silver-smithing. At one point, Keith decided to explore violin making, carving, and bending wood to precise specifications to create pleasing sounds. He always gave his violins unique looks by using inlays.

Keith has¬†lots of hobbies. He has a thirty year history as a professional bee keeper, silversmithing, gemstone lapidary (that is why turquoise is in the furniture), and instrument making of violins. George¬†Nakashima has had a profound impact on Keith’s work and he carries a vision to enhance any form by bringing the outdoors inside.

Statements of Vision

Keith’s work is always evolving. Each piece stands in its own space. Keith is always learning and discovering new ways to see the wood and create new works of art. Being a true artist, all of his designs are works of art as much as they are functionally useful.

Keith Newton, at 61 years of age, strives to make 12 to 24 projects a year.